Project summer

Living the life, founded by dreams

I’ve been living in a motorhome for five months to enjoy and celebrate Europe’s summer. There were a lot of great events I went to, and interesting people I’ve met. Between those events and encounters was still enouth time for some spontainious side trips and the odd job here and there, to show you how to keep the cost low, but the fun high at the same time.

I wanted to show you, that such a trip is more about doing what you dream of, that being ready for it!

Maybe I was not ready for this Project? Maybe my filming, my writing, my talking, my editing, my what ever was not good enough. But the important thing is, I’ve tried it, i’ve done it, and i loved it!

It wasn’t always easy, and I fell a few times. Sometimes in the water and sometimes a bit harder. BUT I was great, i learned a lot, and i had an unforgettable summer. Falling and failing is not the same!


A really important person once told me:

If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting all your life!





Here is the introduction video.


Episode 1



Episode 2



Episode 3


Episode 4



Episode 5




Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


Episode 11


Episode 12


Episode 13


Episode 14

3 thoughts on “Project summer

  1. javier

    Hi Pascal, I have to correct you in one point. Many people dosen´t know it but the big party of sanfermin start the 6 of july at 12:00 AM. And you should be there, but there is not any running ofthe bulls until de 7th 8:00 AM. The 6th day is the biggest day, don´t arrive late.
    I guess you are travelind with your van, so a good placa for parking and resting would be near “yamaguchi park” pretty near to the old center but enough far to be calm.
    The prices in san fermin get funking expensive, so buy in the markets, better. You should not lost:
    – Las dianas
    – Salidas de las peñas
    – Riau Riau
    For the next mail I´m looking some videos about how to run with the bulls. There are only few laws but never brake it, even the police can demand you for a high quatity if you break some, for example: running with a videocam means 3000 euros of bill. But this information for the next mail.

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